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White spot on skin - Pityriasis Alba

We stayed n the Philippines for almost a year and came back to AbuDhabi. After few weeks I noticed some white spots on my 3 year old son’s face arms and legs. I went to see a dermatologist however he
Maybe you wanna try cetaphil baby moisturizer or bio oil
See pd

Good day to all. Which app is more reliable as I am using 3 apps as of the moment .

AsianParent saying I am 6weeks Flow is saying I am 7 weeks Baby center is saying I am 8 weeks First day of my last period was 4july and I haven’t seen a doctor as still waiting for my insurance.
I checked two different website.. it said 6 weeks 1 day for both.. But no worries, go for gynae ultrasound scan , he can estimate better..

Pain under the rib cage left side

I am experiencing this pain under my rib cage for few days now. It’s like a muscle n a knot or trap wind. Could u please advise what home remedy can I do
In my opinion, if you didnt fall or did some specific movement in sports and the pain is substantial for several days, I would go see a doctor to eliminate any scary causes like lung infections etc. I