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Looking to transform your parenting style and your child's upbringing? Do you want to be equiped with the tools you need to become a better parent? Tune into ParentTown TV this week to get real advice from real mums Shumei and Kasia on Respectful/Mindful Parenting. Respectful/Mindful Parenting perceives children as dependent but innately competent self-learners ready to actively participate in life and begin forming communicative partnerships with their parents from birth. To find out more about Respectful Parenting, read this blog post by Janet Lansbury: and Kasia hold certificates in Early Childhood Education and Playwork Perspectives. Shumei completed the RIE® Foundations Course with the President of RIE®, Polly Elam. The awesome-duo also co-founded the Respectful/Mindful Parenting Singapore group on Facebook, a group of about 2000 parents, as well as Chapter Zero Singapore to transform parenting and childhood in Singapore.