Would you consider your husband as "sweet"?
Would you consider your husband as "sweet"?
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He absolutely is!
Ugh, he's totally not sweet
Only on special occasions

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🙅🏻‍♀️. he don't even remember my birthday, he never wish for mother's day or gave me any appreciation gift

Yes... he's very sweet and understands me and supports me. Always corrects me when I'm wrong and doesn't yell at me.

ayus LNG sa isang lalaki kng minsan sweet or ND para sa isang mag asawa ... nakadepende sa babae o lalaki

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Yes, most definitely. He is very sweet and caring and loves to pamper me.

Yes he is so so Sweet then anything.

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he love give a surprise 😂..

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kapag gustong humirit🤣🤣

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yes, napakaseloso pa


He absolutely is

sometimes haha