Has anyone feeling better at week 9 pregnancy ?

Just wondering if anyone experiencing the same, i’m suddenly better with just slight pain at breast area but all my nausea disappeared and i can eat a lot.

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Hi Mummy! Is this your first pregnancy? That’s good actually! Every pregnancy is different, some MS is at its highest peak starting Week 9 onwards and some even into 2nd trimester. While others don’t even experience any MS! Just make sure you’re taking folic acid and heeding gynae’s advices on your pregnancy. Rest, drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet with fruits and veggies in a day. Don’t worry too much cause stress can affect our baby as well. Think positively and stay happy as much as possible. 🥰

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hey mommy! embrace that feeling and glad that you are able to eat :) .. i had the worst symtoms between week 7 to week 11 .. my peak was at week 9 and week 10 .. could not stomach anything at all, i basically lived by plain old cardboard biscuits and icy cold water .. everything else makes me nausea real bad ..

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You are lucky indeed! I had the worst symptoms from Week 9. I could only start eating better from Week 13

Ur lucky. Cos mine peaks at 9 to 11 too. Gradually on and off wk 12 to 15. Enjoy the moments!

That’s good. My nightmare got worse starting at week 9.