Just wondering how do you parents feed/wean your LO when they have yet to sit upright unsupported? I see that many people have posted that they started on solids at 4.5mth at 5mths etc... were your LOs already sitting upright? Or where did you place ur LO in order to try feeding her/him? Doc was telling me to start on solids only after she can sit upright because you dont want the child to choke. thanks.

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I started my boy early at 5.5 months Caz almost everyone was doing it in my march babies chat group. He was also not drinking much at that time so I intro solids. He can't really sit v well but with some support. I put the rocker upright at first until I bought a high chair w a browse base and back rest and had shoulder straps for the sit belt to help me hold him back as he is always leaning to the food in the rocker. So far it's ok. We only give purée for 4months baby bought from store and now purée ourselves. Both husband and my family don't have any known allergies. 6 months is a good time to start spoon feeding. Any significant earlier or later, research shows an increase in allergies and food rejection

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thanks Jacinthia! when was your LO born? my girl is 5mths and 3wks old. Am in fact monitoring when she can sit up steadily unsupported before i introduce her solids like what the mummy above shared.