Does anyone has latest review of Dr Tan Kai Lit?

My wife is 15 weeks into pregnancy and we are considering switching from gov hospital to private hospital. So we are looking around for gynae.

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I'm also in my 15th week of pregnancy and I've been seeing Dr Tan Kai Lit since my 7th week. He's not the type who explains a lot, but he will ask if you have any questions so best to come with a list of what you want to ask. He is quite thorough with the scans so I feel reassured when he says the baby is doing well. Waiting time is fine despite there being a lot of patients. Of course when he has to deliver a baby then waiting time is longer, but that's just how ob-gyne consults go. His nurses are also very nice and caring. ☺️ Dr Tan Kai Lit is the first ob-gyne I've seen here in Singapore, and from what I've seen online, I think his rates are quite good. First consult is 120 and scan is 100, succeeding ones will have 20 dollars off. On my 14th week checkup, I was also offered a package priced at 950. Overall, I'm satisfied with the services and have decided to continue my checkups and have my baby delivered by him.

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