Im worried

Hi why i feel so worried during this pregnancy alot in my mind ,im just 3week 5day issues already confirm to be pregnant??

Im worried
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Alhamdulillah...Congrats 🥳 two lines for the result in two pregnancy test..but for make sure should go to doctor around 5 weeks or 8 weeks but you could start take fish oil or suplement for pregnancy.. What’s thing make you worry? Hope you’re happy and healthy ❤️

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9mo ago

thanks dear😊...i don't know why this time my 2nd pregnancy i feel to pressure emo.

Congratulations! 🥳 I had my first positive pregnancy test also at 3weeks and 4 days. I had my first scan at 5weeks and 4 days, we got to see embryo and yolk sac and a heart beating. Doctor said the size is 6 weeks base on ultrasound. Now im 9 weeks and 4 days ❣️