When you get into a fight, who says sorry first?
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at times my husband will say it first when he knew he did wrong. but my point of view, 'sorry' doesn't really matter as I think, how we should solve the problem and not let it occure again is much important to me.

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I always say sorry first well hindi naman lagi pag sobrang bigat yung hubby ko pero I always say sorry dahil ayoko pinapatagal yung away

Naalala ko sabi ng pari sa amin nung kinasal kami, kung sino daw ang mas unang mag sorry sa amin, yun yung mas mahal ang asawa nila. :)

well whoever started the fight and realized it as his or her fault will be the one to admit and say sorry.

Si hubby nag so.sorry agad 😂 Mataas din kasi pride ko kahit kasalanan ko pa. Hahaha 😂

He always say sorry first even tho I'm the one who made the mistake at the first place 😄

My husband thinks he is always right, I am always wrong. He needs anger management!

Wag pairalin ang pride, as a mature parents dapat parehas ang magpakumbaba. 😊

depends on who create the fight 1st..but always my husband says sorry 1st...

Its always the husband. If you wife says sorry first you are in trouble...