Ask the Expert Series: Self-love

Who is excited for another Ask the Expert Session ??‍♀️ To end the month of April, we have our expert Candy Lim - Rebel Image Coach, Certified Career Coach and DoubleJoy Mum, where she will answer your burning questions on loving and taking care of yourselves ? Do remember to comment below your questions for our Expert ?

Ask the Expert Series: Self-love
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I always feel guilty if I buy things that I want or pamper myself with a short spa break etc...if I dont include my loved ones, I cant enjoy myself. Anyway, I am a person who is happiest when I make others happy. I dont want to change who I am but can you help me find a balance?

1y ago

Yes, you should spoil yourself (responsibly) - especially when you feel like all you ever do is spend money on things you need ( of cos, it had to be within your means :) ). You don’t have to splurge out on anything big, but spending money on something that will fulfil your physical or emotional needs will go a long way in terms of finding a happy middleground.