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When is the time to book one? Any recommendation?

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I'd suggest booking from first trimester actually. It's really hard to get a nanny now and the good ones are booked way in advance. Not sure if the situation will improve but I couldn't get my nanny into Singapore in June, even though we were willing to pay for her SHN. The work permit was rejected repeatedly. Can consider engaging agency but also need to ask really early because their pool of nannies also shrank from the border closure. All the best!

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ASAP, it’s harder to get nanny now as most of them are from Malaysia and with the covid situation they need time to seek approval for work permit and quarantine. I enquired 6-7months before my EDD and a lot of agencies told me they are fully booked.

best is 2m in advance as 37 weeks is considered full term. so in case u give birth at 37 weeks. best to do so 2m in advance

4 to 5 months into your pregnancy. I booked at 5 months, and was told that most of the agencies were almost fully booked.

Book as soon as possible!! Very hard to get now because of covid

PEM, i booked mine 2 weeks ago

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