When do you stop feeding milk to LO during bedtime

When do you stop feeding milk to LO right before they sleep? I’m still doing that to make my 13mo to sleep, but just right before he doze off I would quickly use tooth wipe to briefly clean his teeth and tongue. Not too sure if this is sufficient to prevent tooth decay. Thanks.

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Thanks mummies! another question - how thorough do you brush baby teeth? I tried with the pigeon 12m+ tooth brush but baby kept biting and sucking on it, it’s very hard to reach the teeth. Even if I manage to brush, it is only for that few seconds as he would keep biting it. I felt that it is cleaner using tooth wipes, not sure if it works as well as a toothbrush. Also do you use toothpaste??

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Super Mum

I disconnected feeding and sleeping, so my kids drink milk before bedtime but always brush their teeth after the milk, and they love this routine:) By 13 months, your LO is more than ready to develop this routine. Don’t feed him in an environment that makes him sleep. Let him learn to self soothe and fall asleep on his own too

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will suggest to give milk for as long as possible it's good for them. can set a routine after milk clean the teeth. for my case it doesn't make sense cos my baby don't sleep through the night. I'll just make sure she brush when she's awake and before bed