When to start preparing baby’s clothes?

31 weeks now! Not sure to start before 37 weeks which is considered full term or to do only from 37 weeks..?

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Im at 37wks now and almost done to set up everything. I did buying and washing clothes, sheets, around 32 wks, i put them in wrap and drawer, around 36wks i started to set up little bedside nursery. Bcoz it is so tiring so you cannot do it in 1 day. Slowly set up then can finish b4 38wks!

31 wks too! Was wondering when to wash the mattress cover too.. the clothes i alr washed once recently (coz i bought frm bkk n i dun wanna leave it outside) n kept in ziplog. Tinking if i shld wash another time..

2mo ago

Haha. Yup those worn in the past by my ger i will rewash again. Our own laundry n my ger’s done on thursdays n sundays (usually). Trying to squeeze space to wash the mattress covers. But i do have existing ones which can be used 😂

better to start prepare now! u nv know when baby decide to come out. if baby is out early and u not rdy then will be very headache coz u wont have the time to do so many things.

Started buying baby’s stuff at 6m, washed them at 35w and arrange all at 38w. Just do whenever you have the energy so you wont rush

I m 31 weeks and alrdy started washing bb clothes in batches. Getting more tired n better prepare early than late.

Both kids I prepare at 37 weeks onwards bit by bit. Good to have your checklist in hand and the shop to purchase.

2mo ago

I did too feel anxious and then both kids eventually exceed EDD. But I was lucky to prepare early. If you are afraid you won't have time then do it at 36 weeks onwards.

i’m 32 weeks and already prepared my baby’s clothes cos anything can happen😭😭😭

I started only when i had the nesting feeling and baby came out a week later..

mine all overdue so I don't start until 36th weeks.


started buying ard mth 7