When is the appropriate age to explain sex to kids?
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4-6 years
7-9 years
10-12 years
13 and up
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I share with them about who can and cannot touch and see their private parts, and that only they themselves can touch their private parts only when washing/bathing, not to touch other people's private parts, also if they are touched, to tell me who did it, by the age of 2-3. By the age 4-5 my nephew (also 4-5 yo) touched one of my daughter's private parts, and she immediately told me and my husband. So we talked to them both that it's wrong (my daughters obviously know it's wrong, the nephew's parents somehow did not teach their child about it 😅). It happened quite frequently and I got tired of it, so asked husband to tell his brother (nephew's parents) to teach their children about basic human decency. Bukan alasan "dia masih kecil, saja pegang bukan ada niat apa apa". Meluntur buluh perlu dari rebungnya. Dari kecil perlu dididik. Bukan biarkan dengan alasan masih kecil, nanti jadi habit

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I was abused at the age of 5. Napaka inosente pa ng isip ko noon, at isa sa mga pinagsisisihan ko noon na pagtungtong ko lang ng grade 5 naging malinaw sakin na mali yon. So I think, as early as they can understand na, lalo na pag babae ang anak mo, wag mo ipagkakatiwala kahit kanino.

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Listen to them first. At different stage their perspective of sex is different. So you dont just reveal unsuitable content to them. It confuses them more

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maigi nang ipaalam sakanila nang maaga para alam nila na mali at di sila mapagsamantalahan nang mga demonyo😊

people are raping children. I'm teaching at an early age so they know that it's wrong

I’ll wait for the kid to bring up the question first then answer

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Share with them about where and who cannot touch

Maybe you should start from 9 years of age.


Depends on what we want to share