Brownish discharge

When I pee yesterday I saw a brownish discharge in my panty liner and same day after me and my hubby had sex when I wipe my piece of triangle theres a brownish discharge. Is that normal im 7 weeks pregnant and Im off to my OB’s clinic for my first check up.

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Some women would have brown discharge due to implantation & that's normal but some discharge are not ok. Especially if masundan ng reddish or pinkish discharge. It's better that you consult your OB to be sure if the kind of discharge you have is ok or not. Bec I experienced brown discharge during my 1st pregnancy every time I pee but after a day it became reddish & I had spotting that resulted to bleeding. When I had tvs, the baby doesn't have a heartbeat, sad to say I had a miscarriage. So be cautious every time you will have a discharge & check w/ OB.

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5y ago

Until this morning I have brown discharge. How many days did you have brownish discharge and turned to pinkish?