When will be a good time to let toddler sleep on a pillow? My lo is coming 20 months and has not slept on a pillow since birth.

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Hi, there is no hard and fast rule on when is the right time. Both my LOs have been sleeping on babysafe pillow since young and now they are toddlers and chose to sleep on the adult pillows. The idea of a pillow is to elevate their head so there will be better blood circulation at night. Having said that, I do have friends' children who have not slept in pillow at all and they are in their teens and doing well too. So ultimately, it is a choice.

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I agree with Chin Yin, there is no hard ans fast rule about it. In fact babies, toodlers and even kids do not need a pillow. I personally feel that a pillow is more of a comfort item. Nonetheless to each its own. More of a preference i would say. Cheers

Same as those mummies mentioned, is more of ur own preference. My toddler sleep on pillow since day 1, have been using mimos pillow since then till now.