Mil keep comparing last time and modern time

When my girl see YouTube on TV. Mil keep saying last time where got youtube. And when my girl play with phone she will say last time where got phone. When my I give my girl medicine. She will say last time she just give breastmilk all nv sick no need medicine. She have been repeating this alot of times. What's her reason of saying all this? It makes me unhappy.

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My MIL does the same! Always with the “people last time blah blah blah...” especially feeding my baby. I just roll my eyes and ignore. If my husband is there, I will give him the stare to tell his mother off or I will reply sarcastically to my MIL. She didn’t even take care of her sons since they were babies so I don’t trust her ways. My mom tends to compare too, especially with other babies, but I will tell her off straight. We’re the mummy, we know what’s best or not for our babies.

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just zone it out. Just smile and continue doing what's best in your way. MIL/parents are like that. comparing past and present. they think they are better than us cause they've been through it. but we just need to be strong not personally take it cause we are new to parenthood. there's no right or wrong answer.. the moment you learn to just "ye kan" to whatever they say, you will be less affected. (;

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Hahaha... Old wives tale. My in-laws are Chinese nationals so it’s worse than Sg in-laws... the things i hear... or rather she hears from the “aunties” in the community lol. But end of the day everyone cares about the baby. So take it in stride. Verify with doctors and online. Sometimes “tales” are true.

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Her repeating all these points is to tell you that shouldnt let kids watch video or give meds. It can be quite frustrating to hear those comments bcos they think their methods are better. Try speaking to your husband and let him do the commenting to your mil if possible.

Because she’s from last time one 😂😂 But I am sure you will get judgy eyes and comments if you decided to give young children access to internet and gadgets. Be it from family members, or society. We are always wrong, mommies, just embrace it😂

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Hi Mum, Sometimes our parents/in-laws think that since they are more experienced and aged they know more and better. I would suggest to not pay attention to these things and do what you think is best for the baby

🙈🙉🙊 I am sure your MIL love your child no matter what. So whatever she said just take it as it is (don’t let it affect you). Stay positive and be happy☺️

just let it be,but screen time for baby below 18 months is harmful for their vision.... hp emit radiation so as parent u decide what is best for yr kid

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Get your husband to talk to her. I think most MIL are the same. Don’t argue back just talk to your husband about it.

mil is like that. just ignore her