When can i feed baby fresh goats milk instead of karihome infant milk?

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Pediatrics, in general, do not recommend the use of goat's or cow's milk products for infants under one year because they can cause intestinal irritation and anemia. Infants under one year of age who are allergic to cow's milk-based formulas, soy formulas or hypoallergenic formulas are sometimes put on goat's milk formula, but only with consultation from baby's doctor or a pediatric nutritionist. Source: http://www.parenting.com/article/ask-dr-sears-advantages-of-goats-milk

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I gave my boy goats milk. Well goats milk is the next closest to bm. With the most nutrients in it. However i only started after he was a year old as i was not sure if his digestive system would be able to handle it. Other options are Farmhouse, Greenfields or Pauls fresh milk.