When my baby is around 2months old, he has a little blood in the stool and we were refer to kkh to see the pd in clinic k. The pd advice me to stop taking milk and soy products as my baby may be allergic to it (i breastfeed my baby) and have blood in the stool.s Now my baby is about 9month old already, but actually I on off taking milk product as it's hard to really avoid them. But since my baby started solid, i am not able to see whether there are blood in the stool since there are so many other stuff in the stool, just wonder any mum here can't take milk and soy products too? How u know ur bb already outgrowth the allergic already?

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Typically, allergic reactions first appear in infants and children under 3, and most of them outgrow the allergy by age 10. Some experts believe that you can induce tolerance towards an allergent by gradually introducing it. Try introducing some soy product daily and monitor if baby still has any reactions to it.

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