What’s your favourite movie you’ve watched together with your kids?

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I must say, my daughter is crazy about Frozen but we haven't seen it together. She saw it at home, and I helped in creating an atmosphere of a theatre for her. And now, Let it go is an anthem at our home. I wonder when our little dog too starts singing it in the coming days. Ya, recently, we saw Jungle Book and we all liked it a lot. Going to a movie with kids is a high.

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As far as I know, "Frozen" is a favourite with pretty much any child I know regardless of gender and culture. It's called "Frost" here in Sweden and it's really adorable to see the kids singing along to the theme song "Let It Go" in Swedish ("Slå dig fri"). My little cousin, saw it English with me and she's Indonesian. She loves it despite not understanding English.

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Recently I brought my kids 3yrs and 1yr old to the cinema. Golden Village has a special screening called mums and babies where active little ones are welcome to run around at Golden Village theaters. The kids actually sat through and watched the movie "Zootopia", it's sure my favorite movie I've watched together with my kids.

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6y ago

Is it only at selective cinemas or all have this special screening session? We bought our preschooler and baby for angry birds last sat ended up hubby and myself take time to accompany baby outside the Theatre.

My nephew is currently obsessed with dinosaurs so watching Jurassic Park movies is pretty much a mainstay in his house and whenever me and my partner visit, we have to watch at least one Jurassic Park movie together.

my three years old boy love to watched ZOOTOPIA and The Angry Birds.you can try bring your little one go.sometime golden village got mummy babies in Monday you also can try got goodies bag one ticket just $6.

Young and Fabulous. I've watched together with my kids during the school holiday. The movie very funny, we all keep laughing.

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Oh how cute is that! Haven't heard kids singing it in a language apart form English tho. That must be really entertaining :D

We watched many movies together. Favourite was the recent finding dory because my 28mths can understand and discuss with me.

Zootopia is the movie which they still talking about till date! It's very entertaining and they love the song too

My son love Mickey house , waiting when can bring him go , but he cannot stay at same location .haha