What are the things you can do in Binondo (Chinatown) that the kids will enjoy?

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Be a tourist guide for your kids. Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world and it's a gem, I tell you. Back when I was a journ student, we made a feature magazine about Binondo and seriously, I've never looked at Binondo as the same old, ordinary town ever again. You can take them to Toho, oldest restaurant in Binondo. Take them to Binondo Church, walk through the vintage Escolta St, visit all Buddhist temples and give them an experience of burning and praying over their own stick of incense. You can end the day with a dinner at Wai Ying (my favorite Chinese restaurant that serves super yummy eats) Good thing you thought of taking your kids to Binondo. It can take you a whole day. Enjoy!

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