What’s the normal BBT of a 4-5 week pregnant lady?

Hello! What should the normal basal body temperature be when you’re about 4-5weeks pregnant? Is it cause for worry if it is slightly lower like 36.6 and going down to 36.4 the last two days? Does it signal low progesterone levels? I’m new mum and haven’t seen the gynecologist yet because I understand we only see them at 8weeks?

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I am at my 6th week of pregnancy.. My usual BBT prior pregnancy is about 36.0 to 36.5.. But during pregnancy, it goes up to 36.7-37.3.. Btw, I don't think the thermometer used out there to scan your forehead is accurate.. Everyone seems to have the same temperature.. I personally use oral thermometer

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I would stop taking temperature once you confirmed pregnancy to avoid unnecessary stress. Bbt during pregnancy can fluctuate. You can always go to a private clinic to get it checked, don’t need to wait till 8 weeks.

Sometimes it does fluctuate. I find that when i am resting it tends to rise a little. Don't be too concerned about it, when your other annoying preggy symptoms comes, you will probably forget about this bbt.