What's the biggest secret you keep from your spouse?
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I don't love him/her
My financial standing
I have a serious medical condition
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i am having on and off depression, breakdowns and suicidal thoughts. the love i have for him and our children was the reason i could fight my depression and ignore the suicidal thoughts. also that i have thoughts that he might regretted marrying me because i been seeing his exgfs name in his browser/Facebook history search. weird thing is he knows that i have full access of all his accounts and our phones are linked, why didn't he bother to clear the search history?

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3y ago

please get professional help for ur depression. love yourself first so you can love your family. sending hugs ❤

That I was sexually abused by my own grandfather and uncle when I was around 7 or 8yo. In fact, no one ever knew about this secret. Not even my parents. I'm intending to carry this dark secret to my grave because there is really no point digging up this dark history after 30 years, especially now that my grandfather has passed on and my uncle is bed-ridden with some illness.

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i had a fling with my bffs cousin, but now we are both happily married and i am still with my hubby my then boyfriend. i havent told him about that because he have an issue about betrayal in relationships. well its my fault anyway but i dont see the point telling that to him.

Whenever I feel sick, I don't tell him because he'll worry more and might affect his work performance.

Sharing my family affair because its sometimes leads to a big problem even up to divorce

too confidential.. im sorry i cant share it.. really! twas so hard to forget😢😢😢

none, i have told him everything he needs to know about me.

I never told him that my in-laws are pain in the a**.

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my biggest secret would be my past relationship history

I don't trust him that much about certain things