what is more important to you - a higher quality of lifestyle and more money, or more love and time with lesser money?

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i will definitely be happier with lesser money but more time and love spent with my partner. i have consciously taken the decision to not work now, because i felt that it was taking up a lot of time and i was not able to spend more time with my family. instead, we have now been planning our finances in such a way that we don't go overboard with the money part, and don't have to work too hard for the materialistic things.

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both love and money are important, but yes, it is very important to try and make that balance between work and life. i think we all get very busy trying to get a higher pay and a bigger buying capacity, plus money is also important for a lot of important needs such as educaiton and healthcare. all that apart, it is important to make time for those you love.

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i am definitely one for more love and time together than working too hard for a lifestyle and not having time to spend with your loved ones. i have been through the struggle of initial years, and honestly, i think i was happier with lesser possessions but more time, than with more things that we get to buy.

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