What is the best way to help a baby get steam inhalation for a congested chest and stuffed nose? Is it even advisable?

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Inhaling steam is a commonly recommended method to help ease chest congestions in babies and children. Breathing in hot steam can help loosen mucus in baby’s nose and aid in clearing blocked airways. You create a steam room by turning on the hot shower in a closed bathroom (you can block gaps under the door with some towels/cloth). Simply sit in the bathroom with your baby for around 15mins or so.

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How did I manage my baby's stuffy nose was: - Spray baby's nose with Sterimer - After spraying, I will suck the mucus out with Nose Aspirator such as the one shown in picture (you can get from Mothercare) - Also, I pat baby's back using cupped hand shape to help to loosen the phlegm for 10-15minutes, 3 times a day. You can check with baby's PD how to do this.

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