Teething 7mth old

Hi what can i do when baby is teething? baby refused milk , water and food. Keeps crying. And not sleeping well..

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Can make breastmilk cubes and let her bite on. Put her teether in the fridge and let her bite on as well. Anything cooling will soothe the pain. Sucking hurts that’s why rejecting milk. Loss of appetite is also normal for teething baby. Can try to give milk/water in a cup instead. Helps in training their shallow swallowing. Can give them sticks of carrots or broccoli that you’ve put in the fridge to cool to bite on as well. My LO is also teething, 2 bottom teeth poking out when she turned 6 months. Now at 7 months, almost fully out and biting everything and anything that she can get her hands on! I will place a teether on her walker, in her cot, on the bed, and in the fridge. Gave her rusks to bite on too. Poor thing lah, she refused milk too, only drinking 300ml out of 900ml some days. Constipated, really heartbreaking. Gave her smaller amounts at frequent intervals instead. Like when she used to drink 120ml every 2-3hrs, due to teething she sometimes drink less than 100ml so I reduced it to 60-90ml every 1.5-2hrs instead. Then sometimes if she really don’t want to drink, I would coax her to sleep so I can feed her and just pat her back and keep her upright for 10mins before I put her down back to sleep. Hope yours will find his/her comfort soon!

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don't force to gv food. try to apply soothing gel. can get in pharmacy. baby feels better

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Give teether tats store in d freezer to bite.

Use teething gel, can easily get from Watson

Cold teether