Do you have your gynae’s personal contacts?

What happens when u need to speak with your gynae? Do you all have their personal contacts to text or call them? I’m seeing my gynae in public hospital. Although I’m a private patient, I need to contact the hospital to ask them to arrange a callback from my gynae. It’s frustrating when I can’t get to the gynae. So I’m wondering do mummies ask for their gynae personal contacts?

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When i passed out a huge blood clot (palm sized one) after a v scan on the same day, ganchiong me make my hb called the emergency line n i was surprised my gynae answered pretty fast and gave me the diff choices. Told me i could go a nearby hosp for a jab or i could go mt a and he can jab me. Anyw i am with a private gynae. I also wondered if they shared their num previously. 😂

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I called the emergency hotline in the middle of the night when I had heavy bleeding at week 35. they connected me to my gynae immediately who told me to admit into labour suite. and throughout the night, the midwives will update him on my situation and advice the best course of action to delay labour.

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For hospitals it's normal not to be given direct contact regardless of private or subsidised. Tt's one of the reasons I went with private gynae who has his own clinic. He gave his direct mobile in case of emergency but of cz we nvr contacted him directly as there's no need to.

Doesn’t matter you’re private or not you’ll just have to wait for gynae to contact you. They are not so free to entertain you 24/7 anytime you contact them. Either way you’ll also have to wait for them to be free. Usually they won’t give you personal contact also

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Hmm i have the same problem. I understand they are not 24/7 available and of cos we dun contact them at the slightest matter. My friends do have pretty direct contacts to their gynae and when I’ve issues I can’t reach my gynae until the next appointment which is like 4 weeks later so in between i have to seek second opinion from another doc when I can’t get to my gynae. So ya i do also wonder if most have their gynae contacts... cos i once waited for a week for a callback request and got nothing as well


normally no personal contact will be given previous gynae provide emergency WhatsApp no for me to text if I've issue current gynae advice me to admit hospital and nurses will contact on behalf (both are Mount E)

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I went for 2 different gynae and none shared their contacts. But when I seeing another condition with another private dr, e dr shared e contact. So is really depending on dr.

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the gynae i go to never gives her personal contact. i registered with tmc in advance & they always contact her directly during my deliveries

Yes i do have my gynae's personal contact