Food For 6mo Baby

What are the food u introduce to a 6mo baby? How often do u feed?

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I first introduced avocado n banana Just once a day . And gradually increasing the amount from time to time . Don't gave up if your LO spit the food out or refuse to eat . Try again at another time om the same day . Or , keep offering the same food again tomoro .

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I start with plain porridge and rice cereal. Then slowly add in fish and veg. I share quite a few recipe in my IG @mummyjlife you can check it out if you need some tips 😊

Hi, Try purees of various fruits and vegetables. Example - Avocado, banana, papaya, mango, with yogurt etc. and mashed potatoes with beans etc.

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I started with cereal, potatoes and sweet potatoes, for lunch and dinner.

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Hello I just posted something for this. Do check it out

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