What do you hate most about your mother-in-law?
What do you hate most about your mother-in-law?
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She meddles too much in how I raise my child
She's too needy of my spouse
She distrusts me
Nothing - I love my MIL!
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My mother in law wants to dress my LO in coordinating outfits with her (like those mother and baby type), she meddled into our business too much, she has a lot suggestions she would like us to consider implementing it and she gossips about other ladies weight changes. There was this once I couldn't take it, I replied to her "I dont dare have anymore children, what if I'm those unlucky few who cant get her figure back? I'm alr fat to start with, what's going to happen to me?"

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I hate everything about her, she's so annoying and always putting her nose in my business. Man I don't have a personal life.. She even checked my undergarments..

Always asking for money. Never dote on the grandchildren. Yet still tried to sow discord between hubby and I.

My mother-in-law hates me for "stealing" her baby...my husband is the middle child and was 21 when we married

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Sometimes her words aren't truth Abd resulted in many arguments between me and my Husband

getting into my room as she want . i dont like it. its my privacy area

ang dumi sa bahay! burara at di marunong ibalik ang gamit sa pinagkuhaan

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She's too nice to everybody. Literally everyone. Even bad ppl. =. =

alaways asking his help to do dis n dat though he had family life.

The way she spent money on my lo and always talk abt others