What's the best way to patch up after a fight?

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To apologize ! Or try to talk it out. Sometimes after a fight let both cool down and get back on track when the next time u wake up

I read it somewhere: Never go to bed angry with each other. Whatever be the reason, give a big hug and say I love you before you sleep. Things get well the next morning.

Apologise. Doesn't matter how, what, why, when or who said what -- apologise and move on from there. For me personally, if I initiated the fight, I would naturally apologise (but reluctantly haha). If he started it and he apologised, I would also apologise because I would have definitely said some horrible things during the fight in retaliation. After the apologies are out of the way, things are always easier. We'd always end up cooking a meal together (because arguing works up an appetite) and we settle down to watch our favourite series.

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Remember why you fell in love: you shared a hope, a dream; tell each other what you love most about each other and put the argument in perspective. Disagreement, diverse opinions are healthy - smooth hurt feelings and bruised egos with love and affection