Should my husband tag along?

Week 20 detailed scan at KKH then review with doctor one week later back in SKH. Based on experience, which one would be better for husband to tag along? Does the sonographer usually explain much or they leave it to the doctor?

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Would recommend that your hubby tag a long. First time see LO and as extra support to you :) I was pretty nervous when I did mine due to high risk pregnancy. Sonographer found out something amiss and we had to wait for specialist to review with us. During that time luckily my hubby was there with me as we waited for few hours. Luckily everything turns out ok.

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It will be both. Scanning will be explaining of baby's position, heartbeat, etc and of course, gender. Meanwhile in SKH will be reviewing all the necessary details from KKH when results are given. So it is good that if you have any questions, curiosity, you are to bring spouse along to be involved and engaged.

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For me mine was at private hospital so I would say both are good for husband to tag along. For week 20 you can ask questions to find out more :)

Can give birth @ SKH? I'm residents in Sengkang and I just to know that SKH can do all the detail check & o&g. 😅

2mo ago

most follow ups can be done there except for the down syndrome test, detailed scan and prob the growth scan which will be done on a separate appt at kkh by the techs then review with dr back at skh. delivery is at kkh. the associate con or con see you and do your routine scans at skh during regular reviews.

just asking how come see dr at SKH not at kkh itself mummy?

2mo ago

stay nearby :) more convenient.