20 week detailed scan

Hi all! FTM here. I just had my 20 week detailed scan yesterday and the doctor informed me that they detected a cyst in my baby's brain and the umbilical cord has only 1 vein (normally it should have 3 veins that are connected). May i know if any mummies here experience the same thing? #1stimemom #advicepls

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Hi, my firstborn had a cyst in the intestine area. Its also detected during the detailed scan. Doc say maybe will disappear over times. Keeping finger crossed and worried during my pregnancy but there is nothing they can do. So after delivery they do the scan on baby for clearer look. The cyst didnt disappear as hoped but it did not grow bigger. Was advised for regular scan till 1yo before surgery can be a consideration. Now he is 4.5yo, the cyst is still in him, same size since beginning. We are leaving it as it is for now, as we cannot bear to let him have a scar across the stomach at 1yo, yes its going to be a huge scar as doc say keyhole surgery is unlikely. I understand what you are going through, cannot keep worrying yet feeling helpless. Big hugs!

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