Way to communicate effectively with school-going children

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Great topic!! I found this article very informative with regard to this topic: https://www.mentalhelp.net/blogs/7-tips-for-effective-communication-with-your-school-aged-child/ Communicating with children may seemed like a very minor thing, but it is actually very important. Very often, it is easy to not to "pay attention" to what the child is saying (kind of like hearing, but not registering). For example, a child may be giving a narration of what happened in school, and it is very likely that a parent may not be really processing what is being said. Hence, it is important to remind one to pay attention to what the child is saying. Giving your child your full attention will help build trust and security, and help led the path for effective communication with the child. This will also allow the parent to pick up any emotional cues from the child and address any underlying issue that a child may be facing. Hope you find the article useful too! :)

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Depends on how old they are. I observe that primary school kids respond to authority and mild discipline if required. But if they are older and closer to their teens, the same method will not apply. Yes, authority and discipline remain important as they are still young after all but the way a parent exercises those should be adapted to deal with the changes happening in a teen. Teens are hormonal, emotional and sometimes rebellious. When I was a teen, I wished that my parents were not too strict and gave me the space I needed. If I wanted to talk, I would but if I don't, they shouldn't force me to.

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It is very important for parents to give full attention when you see your children needs to talk. The https://www.assignmentholic.co.uk/our-services/dissertation/ can give you tips to understand non verbal communications which are effective for communication.