WARNING - Bawal pala i boil ang baby bottle?? Due to boiling milk bottles, it's a dangerous disease that can be caused Some of the mothers still believe that if you want to clean up or sterilize the milk of the milk, then he must boil the bottle to get back sterile and also safe used by the baby. But in fact it was wrong because on the basis of her boiling milk bottle instead it would cause a variety of dangerous diseases can menghinggap your baby including cancer disease can regarding your baby. Because according to the nutritionist most of the baby's bottle is made of polycarbonate plastic material, and it turns out if the type of polycarbonate plastic in heat will be able to create a chemical compound that is Bisphenol-a (BPA) which is the substance is very berbahay for the body especially for the It can disrupt the nervous system, immune systems as well as reproductive systems. Then from that if mom wants to buy a bottle of milk for the baby then who is done looking for a milk bottle made of a safe material which is usually there will be a caption, BERLAMBANG #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE AND ALSO #5 PP. Or it's easier for us to recognize him, we just need to see number 2, 4, and also 5 at the bottom of the baby milk bottle. To make your baby milk bottle sterile then as good as you don't ever boil it, you just shuffle your milk water bottle with warm water, with so will become healthier and safe. So make the mother of the mother who read this article please tell the others so that they also understand the dangers of boiling milk bottles. Never underestimate one kindness even if it is only share on social media, because it can double if you share this precious info so that it can benefit for others. Then many more to share, it will be recorded for you a great virtue! Posted by Florence Ferrer Ocumen

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Yes. Bawal po. If kaya, try to get a UV sterilizer or kahit natural bottle wash will do. Baka kasi harsh masyado regular dishwash liquid. I got UV Care. Useful sya. Kahit cellphone pwede isterilize. See photo

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P 9,500. Check in their website. They have different models and fast moving ang stocks.

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Pinapakulo yung bottles ko nuon. Pero buhay pa naman ako. Like wala akong sakit whatsoever. Tho i bought a sterilizer. Kasi tamad ako. I didn't know it'll be safer for babies. Thanks sa info.😘❤

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Kaya nga po dapat ngpapakulo lang po ng tubig at after that pde nyo na po ilubog at alisin agad ang bote plastic po kc ang mga bote eh👍🏻

Yes po. That's true po. Hindi naman ngayon mapapansin ang epekto nyan eh pero bawal talaga. Isipin mo na lang yung plastic na binalian ng tubig.

yes po bawal siya pakuluan and choose BPA free.. Kaya ang lagi ko ginagawa ay binubuhusan ko lng ng boiled water ang mga bottles ...

Yes, hindi pwede pag di BPA free ung bottle. Pag BPA free, pwede. Misleading po ung article na yan.

Yes po. Buhusan niyo lang po sila ng mainit na tubig or steam :))

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Yes po. Advisable na steam lang. Hndi po yung direct boil tlaga

That's why merong pong mga BPA free na bottles.