Which salons offer safe hair dyeing for pregnant mums?

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Saw this article that you may find useful: http://www.beautyundercover.sg/pregnant-women-hair-colour/ It provides a list of salons that carries hair dyes which are consider "safe" for pregnant ladies. Also, it is recommended that you wait till after the first trimester before going for a hair dyeing session. Hope you'll have a relaxing session and a fresh new look! :)

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I bleached (my ends) and coloured (whole head) when I was 8+ month pregnant. I've had other mummy friend who frequently colour their hair too. I've also asked my gynae and he laughed when I asked if it's safe to do my hair during pregnancy and it is

actually hair dying is safe throughout pregnancy, because a good hair stylist will not dye the roots of your scalp. of cos, if you still afraid, can opt for organic hair dyes. hehe. but generally it's safe for hair dye! I cover my grey hairs too!

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I’m also very curious whether I can get hair rebonding done n I’m in my first trimester still… wonder if the chemicals used are safe…