Which is the most popular hospital in singapore to give birth in?

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Yes. KKH is a very popular public hospital in Singapore with very experienced nurses and well equipped facilities. However, I have heard horror stories of their poor service from many mommy friends. As it is too high in demand, the place is often crowded and is like a mad house. I have a few friends who told me that they were left unattended for several hours while waiting for dilation. My friend who was fully dilated was asked to hold on and not push as the doctor was not around. If you are willing to spent a little more, I will recommend you to private hospital. I personally delivered in Mount Alvernia Hospital and their nurses are very experienced and provide very good service. They came into my labour ward every 15 mins to check on my dilation. When I was close to full dilation, a few nurses and midwives came in to assist me and advise me on how to push. While my doctor was on her way, the midwives taught me and got me started to pushing first.

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8y ago

Really? Mt A nurses so pro, they will come and check on you every 15mins!! It is very useful especially when I am a first time mum and I am super AFRAID of pain etc!

Most of the people will choose KKH for government and Mount Avernia for private. KKH is specialised in pregnancies and children and if the pregnancy has any complication, it is best to stick to KKH as they have the complete equipment and specialists team to handle complication cases. Mount Avernia hospital is very popular as the hospital fees is not very expensive and the nurses are very experienced. I chose NUH as it is nearer to my house. I am surprise actually quite a few friends also chose NUH and they are very satisfied with the services. NUH is pro-natural birth and pro-breastfeeding.

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Kandang Kerbau Hospital, or as Roshni mentions, KK Hospital is the most popular hospital. Mainly because it specializesn in women and children, and also, any major operations, mother & child would be referred to KKH as they have the technologies and skills for it.

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That would be KK hospital

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