Do you use pillows for baby 0-3 months? if no, when is the first time you use a pillow and what kind? thank you

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From what I've gathered, newborn does not need a pillow. Having a pillow may: - Increase the risk of suffocation: when the baby’s head “sink” into the soft pillow - Increases the risk of SIDS - Lead to overheating: having a pillow may increase the heat between the head and the pillow cover. - Lead to flat head syndrome: due to the constant pressure of sleeping on a pillow - Sprain the neck: when the infant sleeps on a fluffy pillow for long hours And here are some simple tips on how to help your baby sleep well:

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My son is used to sleeping with no pillows at all, except during naps when I would put bolster pillow or breastfeeding pillow around him so he could sleep longer while I do stuff. He is five months now. If you opt to buy pillows, buy this kind so you can prevent your baby from having flat head syndrome Photo from

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i have same question. I reed this and I think it's very interesting what they say

not using any pillow on baby's head since she's used to it because we do sidelying bfing at night. only bolsters to support her sidelying

its better to use it from the second trimester, when your body usually cramps alot and u have backaches

No pillow kc nun gumamit ako hindi balance ang head ni baby.... and now normal na

my daughter not yet using pillow, if i put a pillow she will remove😊

My baby is 9mos and i’m still not using pillow.

yes .there is pillow for babies

No pillow until 1 year old +