Do you use conditioner for your girls' hair? If so, at what age?

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Hi Ashley mummy, It all depends on the kid's hair texture. My no 1 has long straight hair but hard to comb it especially when it is wet. Therefore I got her organic hair conditional which you can easily find a few brands from the department or watson etc. If you are not comfortable with conditional, you can consider to apply olive oil type of leave on conditional after you have dry their hair:)

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Usually shampoos for babies and kids are sufficient and there is no actual need for conditioner. Personally, I think that's enough until they are about 10, unless they have curly hair that requires special attention. But if you want, you can get those that are meant for babies and kids. The brand California Baby has a good range of shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on baby's hair and scalp.

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i started using conditioner for my kids around the age of 9. the brand that i love is Himalay and also Biotique, as their products are really gentle and use all natural ingredients.

I do... cos they have long hair... their hair over bra length... so I will put at the end so ez for they to comb after tat... I start with the age of 3-4...

I don't have a girl, but I do use conditioner on my boy's hair. He's 5 this year and has very dry and course hair

My girl only started using last year at 9 yrs old I think depends on your girl's hair condition

Think kids are still small to use conditioners. Might block the hair roots.

yes, think i started when she is 3 yrs old, i use QV

6y ago

i also use a bit of olive oil once in a while n esp after swimming, appy at the hair ends, not at the root.

No need for conditioner unless v Long hair:)