Post partum

On a urine catheter for nearly 3 weeks since I couldn't urine after birth (vacuum). Currently following up in kkh. Doc said its normal. Just wanted to know if anyone went through the same thing. It has been quite depressing since giving birth.

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This is call Acute Urinary Retention. I had this on second pregnancy. I can't urine for days and keep coming back to KKH. There was a blockage on my urine passageway because of uterus. But this is during pregnancy not after that I had it. Idk if this technic help for you. But for me, I did was to be calm, relax, breathing technic, can use bidet to aim at vaginal area, then ill urine. Then ill train myself without catheter, to slowly try urine every few hours. I had a mummy who approach me before just like you and she thought it was only her had it. I refused catheter neither admitted to do it myself so I do at home and train myself.

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