Until what age will your child co-sleep with you?
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We don't co-sleep
Only the first year
2-5 years
6 years or up

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Toddler is already 3 yo and we're still co-sleeping. Me and my 2 bros were also raised co-sleeping with our parents. I was in 4th Grade when I got used to sleeping in my own room. I will let my child sleep beside me whenever he wants to. Besides he's not going to be a baby forever.

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My kid now 2yrs .. just started to make him sleep in his crib.. it’s difficult to co sleep with him now , coz he turns so many angles n kicks in the mid nt.. do not advisable after 2yrs to co sleep :( but I miss him

Huh why would you co sleep with your baby. Maybe it's cultural but we are advised to not co sleep with the baby. So you can have a life, you know what I mean. (No disrespect or offence) YOU DO YOU!

My kids co-sleep with us since day 1. Both my husband and I have an agreement that we will co-sleep with them until the day they are ready to move to own room/bed. My eldest is 6 still on my bed.

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I've put 2-5 years because he's 2 years old soon and we've been co-sleeping since birth! However, it's all up to him - we will co-sleep until the day he says he wants to sleep by himself :)

Hoping that they will be independent, however as asian parents i still don feel safe to let them sleep alone at young age, so they will co slp with us till they go to primary 1.

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sometimes due to environment constraint, it is not up to individual. i intend to do it one step at a time. after she was potty trained

i'd rather co-sleep with my daughter until she's mature enough to be on her own.

As long as they wanted to as I've co-sleep with my parents up until high school

Due to space constraints, my youngest son who is 8 this year... still co-sleep with me..