Which type of delivery do you wish to have?

Comment below which would you prefer

Which type of delivery do you wish to have?
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I wanted natural childbirth because I wanted hb to be involved in the process but had to resort to emergency c sect and hb wasn’t allowed in the OR. Actually felt I healed quite fast.

Noticed majority prefer vaginal & c section is least preferred.. Im a first time mom, just curious to know the reason for more mum preferring vaginal than C section?

Wish I had vaginal but had to go with c section as my baby is too big. Water broke before the set c sec date so at least I got to experience labour haha

Vaginal delivery with epidural! I end up having c section. Super pain & recovery will take longer time sighh.

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Vaginal but unfortunately the last one was caesarean section.

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natural will be the best but i ended up c sect 😅

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wanted vaginal but ended up emergery c sect

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All the way vaginal delivery ❤️

My wife prefers vaginal delivery

Normal delivery 🙏 praying...