milk bottle material for UV sterilizer

Is it true that we can only use PPSU milk bottle material for UV sterilizer? How about -PP material milk bottle -silicone teat

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Yes my PP bottles have turned cloudy and when I googled it seems that they may emit other chemicals as they smell a bit burnt. PPSU is much more good quality and able to withstand more stress (from uv/steam sterilizer), they also have a longer lifespan of 6months - 1 year.

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My Philips avent PP bottles n accompanying teats all turn yellowish after awhile! I haven’t read that this yellowing would have any harmful effects on baby so should be ok?

5y ago

Sure! Anyway, the bottles started turning yellow before my CL was even gone, so less than a month?

I get HeorShe milk bottle so i do not need to get sterilizer machine

Heard for Pp after uv sterilizer will turn yellow