Put the book under your pillow

Is it true that if u put the book under your head pillow when you sleep your memory of the studied subject will be better?

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I used to do this when I was in grade school and up to high school. Somehow, I think it would help but the best way of course is to study, review all your notes before you place them under your pillow so it would be easy for you to review it again early in the morning.😀😀😀😀😀😀


That is a fallacy, not true at all. Knowledge and information comes from studying and reviewing your books and not by putting it under your pillow

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Its funny but i used to do that when i was young 😂.. after studying i used to put my books under my pillow then go to sleep..

This isn’t true. But it stems from that early sleep after study will help you to remember things better.

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Erm I really don’t think this works. I mean in that case all of us should Not bother to study!

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Hi... never try but if it works, we don’t have to burn midnight oil to study anymore...

I dont think so. The brain does not seem to have a optical scanner or x ray i think.

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I wish this is true.. Then I just put different books under my pillow everyday. 😂

It's just a myth. But know what I did that during my grade school. 😂

Why not just put money below pillow. Maybe can double up in the next morning