Is it true that giving vaccines to your infants increases chances of them developing autism?

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there isn't any true or real evidence to this claim. there are millions who have benefitted from vaccination. I certainly have. So have my cousins, friends etc. I understand that it's currently "popular thinking" that vaccinations do this, but really don't. and if vaccinations really were the cause of autism, why would there be a test to check if your baby is 'normal' during your pregnancy? no vaccinations given yet! please don't take this the wrong way. vaccinations help the world. we've cut out smallpox and measles because of nationwide vaccination. autism unfortunately, doesn't yet have a 'one true cause' in the same way getting dengue from a mosquito does. don't worry about it:)

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no it is NOT true. there is no scientific proof. pls continue to bring ur child to vaccines. all these are really silly baseless popular thinking that is NOT true.if it was true then there should be way too many autistic people around. so please, once again it is NOT TRUE

I've heard many says this from Mummies. But its no harm delaying the vaccine monthly. Findings will take years after research gathered. But i know for sure consuming caffeine daily during pregnancy is a high chance for babies abnormalities in brain functionality.

Although many people claim that vaccines give rise to a lot of disorders in children including autism, it's simply unfounded by science and the medical world. Even the World Health Organization is skeptical about such claims.

I know quite a number of people who claims that after a certain vaccine.. their children's development started deteriorating.

My baby born with upper back hypotonia and GDD but still I bring him for all the vaccinations!

Ermm.. Never heard of this. What about the rest? Eye opener for me.