Till how many months am I supposed to have calcium and iron supplements after delivery?

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My gynecologist advised me to take iron supplements for the period of 3 months and calcium supplements till I breastfeed my baby. Calcium and iron supplements are must for a nursing mother, otherwise she will be having deficiency. During the time of breastfeeding, the mother is not only eating for herself but also providing nutrition for the baby. A baby's need for calcium is significant in the early months -- for teething and bone development of the entire body. If the mother does not take enough calcium in her foods and dietary supplements, she will begin to lose her own calcium (from bones) that will get passed on to the baby through breast milk. This is why most doctors recommend iron and calcium supplements to the nursing mother. It is advised not to take iron and calcium supplements at same time as calcium slows down the absorption of iron. Iron should be taken after meals with some amount of vitamin C (citrus fruits and vegetables) for better absorption. Calcium should be taken between meals.

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