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Not looking to hire confinement nanny, planned to have just confinement meals delivered to me daily. Been reading about chili padi, tian wei and Thomson confinement food and nouriche. Anyone tried any of the above able to provide some comments? I read that chili padi their thermal container not clean well at times. Like stale smell or oil seen in their Logan red dates soup. Anyone experience it before? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! #pleasehelp #advicepls #1stimemom

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I tried Chilli Padi, Yue Zi Le and Nouriche. Chilli Padi and Yue Zi Le tasted really good, both seemed like those traditional chinese food. But somehow when I did a finger prick test after eating Yue Zi Le, my sugar level seemed a little high. Not sure if its because they have the extra dessert? Haha but that was one of their advantages I feel. Nouriche seemed like those healthy healthy option, haha. But someone had shared about how their reviews are actually not accurate as they offered vouchers after their meal trial to those who gave them food reviews. You can also look out for groupbuys then compare the prices from there. Some groupbuys also allowed you to take 14 days first, then if you want to continue, you just top up the 28 days minus 14 days package difference (at the groupbuy price!) which i find super worth it and I dont have to commit to the whole month. Last resort after 2 weeks if really so jialat i can change caterer.

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I tried the trial meals from NouRiche, Thomson, Chilli Padi and Yue Zi Le and finally decided on NouRiche as their meals have more veggies and they use healthier rice grains. I always had constipation issue, but now that I'm having my confinement meals with NouRiche, I'm able to poop about once a day or every 2 days without straining. Their portion is just nice for me, hubby and mil to share with additional rice and one more dish. Or you can just order for 14 days from one caterer, and the next 14 days another caterer. Take some time to try out their trial meals and see which you prefer :)

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I think diff people have different taste buds and to be honest what we like may not be what you like too. I would suggest you take up trial meals. I had trial meals from tian wei n yue zi le. But i dun really fancy yue zi le. The thing abt tianwei is they allow customization more i feel. Coz i had GD and asked for lesser sugar in my meals for the trial. After that i order from them for confinement and they offered to change all my carbs to herbal soup which i didnt wan. Haha. I heard chilli padi one quite flavourful though

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I didn't have a nanny too, and opted for Tian Wei lunch and dinner. Serving size is big, and I usually needed husband to help me finish the food. They also allow customization. I called in a few times to request for changes in my meals, and they'll act upon it ~2 meals later. For example, my husband made longan red date tea for me daily, so we opted out of it and got it switched to dessert instead. I also couldn't take certain chinese herbs so they omitted them out.

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I ordered Thomson’s one because they served theirs in thermal containers. Personally it’s the first time I really liked rice cause they used the Japanese short grain brown rice (can choose white/brown). The confinement dishes are usually cooked in similar manner. Maybe if u want a variety u can order from diff catering for lunch/dinner? U can do their trial meal to test since taste buds are quite subjective.

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I tried Thomson confinement meal but it's too salty so never order that. end up ordering 2 weeks from chilli padi and 28 days from tian Wei sister company relacto. in my opinion, the food taste more or less the same. didn't experience what u mention about the thermal container. my suggestion is to boil your own red date tea, as their tea taste abit diluted and don't have logan taste

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I had Tian Wei as my confinement meals which I find it quite tasty especially the soups. The portion is quite big for me and sometimes I will ask my husband to finish the food. Overall, I think u can check out their menu to get to know your daily meal menu. If the dishes suit you, then only you ordered them

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My sister used Yan last year they delivered most of the food in thermal containers and food was not bad. I'm going to try theirs this year end.

I ordered my confinement meals from Zuo Yue food. You might wanna take a look at their trial meal? They also have GB for mummies too!


i ordered zuoyuefood. Service n taste is good but variety wise probably not as good as Tianwei