Hi for those who have signed up cord blood banking with Cordlife, is their price negotiable?

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I’ve signed up with CordLife. Their prices are not negotiable. However, do look out for their booths during baby fairs. They have promo prices, freebies and vouchers to give out, so it’s a good deal. There are 3 private ones. Cordlife have 2 accreditions that renewed and audited every 2 years. Stemcord renews every 3 years. The last one has no accredition at all (so needless to say their prices are lower in order to attract).

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3y ago

Thanks for your info! 😊 I talked to the salesperson just now, she presented some payment deals like how much upfront payment you pay, the more you pay the more you save. Also can choose one freebie, that's it. I didn't go to baby fair, too late for now I think lol

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Price is fixed but their promo and deduction will bring the overrall down or if there’s any referral?