Additional $ To Fork Out To SHN ConfinmentNanny

Hi all, Those who get their nanny with agency but being asked to pay for the SHN. Or, freelance nanny we have to find alternative place for them including meals. Can share with me the charges imposed. Your view on this extra cost? Eg. Over priced, unnecessary extra expenses, financial diffculties or anything. Thank you

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Super Mum

1 agency told me to pay: 1. $40/day for SHN for lodging & meal for nanny that come from Msia (total 15 days) 2. $40/day for existing nanny already in sg for lodging and meal that finish their last assignment to the day I discharge from hospital ( days depend on when she finish her last assignment to ur discharge date). For freelance nanny, some are unwilling to come out of msia given that they need to serve SHN. And even if they come to sg, we are held responsible for their lodging and meals and that they must be at the SHN premise. So there’s not much difference to me in terms of cost for agency and free lance (maybe free lance more exp). Given with the current situation, not left much of choice unless we do confinement ourselves. 😭

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2y ago

I think it’s unfair too. So I’m putting this agency on hold.