28 weeks and worried..

Third baby and am 28 weeks now. I was told during my recent checkup that baby is quite big - above average; weighing about 2.1kg and baby is in head-down position already. Doc says it's considered alright as my hubby is big size - not round - at 1.93m (referring to genes perhaps?) and so there might be a chance that I may have to deliver early via csect if baby continues to grow bigger. (previous 2 was csect n they don't recommend vbac) At the same time, I'm experiencing frequent backache and some pelvic pressure. Honestly I'm very much worried IF I were to get into early labour..... The risks for baby born before full term etc..... ? Anyone experiencing similar situation before..?

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Super Mum

Hello:) normally, when your gynae says they want to deliver your baby earlier, baby is still full term (at least 37 weeks). They rarely deliver earlier than that unless there are other concerns, so you don’t have to worry:) Yes, usually if you’ve had 2 previous C-sects, they’ll recommend a third one, and not vbac, because of the higher risk of womb rupture (bursting). For now, you can eat your normal regular meals... no need to skip meals, but also avoid extra snacks and desserts, so baby will not grow too quickly:) Your husband is really tall, so maybe you have a naturally tall baby too. Of course, with the growth, there can be lots of stretching within the womb, causing pulling pain and pelvic pressure. The big tummy can also cause backaches. Try not to stand or walk for too long, sit down with good back support, and consider a pregnancy pillow for when you sleep. If the pain’s really bad, the occasional paracetamol may help:)

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