Do you think dads should bath daughters and until which age?

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Personally, I think once the little girl starts school proper, it should stop -- so maybe around the age of 4-5? I've also read that it is in this age range (4-6) which a child will develop gender identification, consistency and stability i.e. she knows that she is a girl and she will grow up to be a woman etc. Around this age is also the time that many children start to have some sense of or have been taught about modesty. Plus they would have started school and would have been taught basic male/female binaries e.g. separate bathrooms etc.

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Id say up till k1 maybe. Actually i woyld not recommend dad to bath your girl. Well, its due to the difference of gender and identity. Also the child should be able to shower by herself and be taught the skill to do so. Thats a better option. In that way we do not intrude and draw a line with privacy.

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I don't see it as an issue, and probably till 6-7 is ok in my head (for either gender parent to shower the kid) After 7 I think a child should be able to shower herself without mummy or daddy's involvement.

I Guess as a dad I'll stop as Long as she can bathe on her own... If not, how to learn independence?