Are there signs to tell you that your baby is going through a leap? Should we use the EDD or the birth date to gauge when is the leap? Does it mean that the child don't go through growth spurts or leaps after the 10th leap?

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When a baby is going through a leap, he/she may be fussier, require more attention and cuddles from his/her caregiver, appear to drink more and sleep may be affected as well. As a guide, you can use the EDD to gauge. That being said, I have a friend whose baby was born 4 weeks earlier and her baby appears to go through the leaps slightly earlier than predicted (when based on EDD). So It appeared that her girl will go through a leap between the actual birthdate and EDD. After the 10th leap, it will be transition into "toddlerhood". This is when parents can start laying down some ground rules and your son should be capable of understanding them. It will be the time where your child learns to exerts his/her autonomy, and starts to be more skillful with things and language, imitates others, role-plays daily life, practices emotions etc etc. This is the time to introduce the concept of "rules" to him/her and teach him/her to keep to them.

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